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Our Programs:
JRC offers residential treatment as well as out-patient programs and clean and sober living programs. JRC, uses the Therapeutic Community and 12-Step philosophy to treat clients not only for addiction issues but also focuses on conflict resolution, boundary setting, parenting & healthy relationships, becoming assertive instead of aggressive and impulse control as a part of treatment. Below is a list of the different programs available for treatment.

Out Patient Programs
Jordan Recovery Center offers out patient treatment to clients. Depending on the issues of treatment needed, some can attend weekly group sessions and counseling to help them through the recovery process. Each person is evaluated and based on those results would determine the suggested program length.

Trillium House for Women
Our women's facility can accommodate 12 residents. Some of the clients who have a small child can bring them with them to live in the home, but this is decided on a case by case basis. We accept women 18 years and older.

Jordan Recovery Center for Men
There are two houses available for men needing residential treatment. Each home can accommodate 14 men each. We accept men 18 years and older at the two facilities.

Clean & Sober Living
After graduation from residential treatment clients can move into one of our four clean and sober living houses to continue with outpatient treatment while looking for work or to attend school if desired. The cost for clean and sober living is $400.00 per month which includes all rent and utilities, group meetings and one on one counseling sessions can be added for addition charges. Clients are required to provide their own food and personal items.
All of the clean and sober living houses are certified and monitored by the California Association of Addiction and Recovery Resources.